Muhammad Sarfraz

Kuwait University

Muhammad Sarfraz is a professor in the Department of Information Science, Kuwait University, Kuwait. His research interests include optimization, computer graphics, computer vision, image processing, machine learning, pattern recognition, soft computing, data science, and intelligent systems. Prof. Sarfraz has been a keynote/invited speaker at various platforms around the globe. He has advised/supervised more than 110 students for their MSc and Ph.D. theses. He has published more than 400 publications as books, journal articles, and conference papers. He has authored and/or edited around seventy books. Prof. Sarfraz is a member of various professional societies. He is a chair and member of international advisory committees and organizing committees of numerous international conferences. He is also an editor and editor in chief for various international journals.

4books edited

2chapters authored

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Cybersecurity is an active and important area of study, practice, and research today. It spans various fields including cyber terrorism, cyber warfare, electronic civil disobedience, governance and security, hacking and hacktivism, information management and security, internet and controls, law enforcement, national security, privacy, protection of society and the rights of the individual, social engineering, terrorism, and more. This book compiles original and innovative findings on issues relating to cybersecurity and threats. This comprehensive reference explores the developments, methods, approaches, and surveys of cyber threats and security in a wide variety of fields and endeavors. It specifically focuses on cyber threats, cyberattacks, cyber techniques, artificial intelligence, cyber threat actors, and other related cyber issues. The book provides researchers, practitioners, academicians, military professionals, government officials, and other industry professionals with an in-depth discussion of the state-of-the-art advances in the field of cybersecurity.

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