Environmental Sciences

Current Air Quality Issues

Edited by Farhad Nejadkoorki, ISBN 978-953-51-2180-0, 654 pages, Publisher: InTech, Chapters published October 21, 2015 under CC BY 3.0 license
DOI: 10.5772/58743
Edited Volume

Air pollution is thus far one of the key environmental issues in urban areas. Comprehensive air quality plans are required to manage air pollution for a particular area. Consequently, air should be continuously sampled, monitored, and modeled to examine different action plans. Reviews and research papers describe air pollution in five main contexts: Monitoring, Modeling, Risk Assessment, Health, and Indoor Air Pollution. The book is recommended to experts interested in health and air pollution issues.

  1. An in-Depth Investigation of Toluene Decomposition with a Glass Beads-Packed Bed Dielectric Barrier Discharge Reactor
    Zhiping Ye, Savita K. P. Veerapandian, Iuliia Onyshchenko, Anton Nikiforov, Nathalie De Geyter, Jean-Marc Giraudon, Jean-François Lamonier and Rino Morent
  2. Air Pollution in the Gulf of Mexico
    Manuel Muriel-García, Rosa María Cerón-Bretón and Julia G. Cerón-Bretón
  3. Development of alternative ship propulsion in terms of exhaust emissions
    Jarosław Markowski, Jacek Pielecha, Remigiusz Jasiński, Tomasz Kniaziewicz, Paweł Wirkowski, M. Filipowicz, F. Dudek, P. Olkuski and P. Styszko
  4. A New Direction in the Atmospheric Pollutant Dispersion inside the Planetary Boundary Layer
    Davidson Moreira and Marcelo Moret
  5. Classification of Large-Scale Remote Sensing Images for Automatic Identification of Health Hazards
    Mark A. Wolters and C. B. Dean
  6. Fundamental Study of Hexadecane Removal by Atmospheric Microplasma
    Kazuo Shimizu, Yusuke Kurokawa and Marius Blajan