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National Technological University Argentina

Nicolás A. Mazzeo received his PhD (1978) degree in Atmospheric Science from the University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Since 1980 he has been a Senior Scientific Researcher of the National Scientific and Technological Research Council (CONICET). He is a specialist in air pollution, atmospheric turbulence and dispersion, meteorological and air quality data analysis, development, evaluation and application of air quality models, air quality management, author of numerous scientific and technological research papers and a member of the Argentine Academy of Environmental Sciences, the New York Academy of Sciences and National and International Scientific Committees. He is currently affiliated with the Avellaneda Regional Faculty (National Technological University).

Nicolas Mazzeo

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The atmosphere may be our most precious resource. Accordingly, the balance between its use and protection is a high priority for our civilization. While many of us would consider air pollution to be an issue that the modern world has resolved to a greater extent, it still appears to have considerable influence on the global environment. In many countries with ambitious economic growth targets the acceptable levels of air pollution have been transgressed. Serious respiratory disease related problems have been identified with both indoor and outdoor pollution throughout the world. The 25 chapters of this book deal with several air pollution issues grouped into the following sections: a) air pollution chemistry; b) air pollutant emission control; c) radioactive pollution and d) indoor air quality.

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