Gustavo Lopez

Benemérita Universidad Autónoma de Puebla Mexico

Electronic Engineering M.S. in Systems Engineering: Environmental Area. Dr. in Industrial Chemistry: Corrosion and Materials. Postdoctoral Grade: Materials and Surface Analysis. Sistema Nacional de Investigadores (SNI) Group, Mexico

Gustavo Lopez

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This book contains 15 chapters reporting air pollution of interest to experts in academia and industrial plants dealing with the environmental issues. These chapters emphasize the problems of air pollution involving the human sector as an essential part in the control of air pollutants. The book contains an analysis of various geographic regions and evaluation of different activities related to these areas. Descriptive analyzes present the generation of air pollution and its effect on society and materials evaluations. The major sources of emission of pollutants and the damage that they originate in the towns and industrial plants are reported. This volume provides methods and tools for assessment according to each location. Other important aspects are the activities of governmental authorities, the academic and sectors for solving the environment problem.

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