Sunil Kumar

Er. Kumar has been working in the field of Environmental Engineering and Management in general and Solid and Hazardous Waste Management in particular since quite some time. He has been deeply involved in R&D activities in municipal solid waste (MSW) management at National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI), Council of Scientific and Industrial Research, Government of India. His contribution in GHG inventory estimation from solid waste landfills and its uncertainty analysis under India’s Initial National Communication (NATCOM) to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCC) is well recognized internationally. He has been involved in capacity building of local bodies under various projects in solid waste management. He was involved in long-term planning of solid waste management for various cities at NEERI, Nagpur. He also delivered lectures on solid waste management in various training programs at national and international level. He has recently edited a special issue on Landfill Gas Modeling and Management for Journal of Air and Waste Management Association. He has also many special issues on municipal solid waste management for international journals like Environmental Monitoring and Assessment, Int. Journal of Environment and pollution, Int. Journal of Environment and Waste Management, two issues for Int. Journal of Environmental Technology and Management, Inderscience Publication. Recently, he has edited a Book on Waste Management published by IN-TECH Publication, Austria. . The major areas of working include landfill design, composting, anaerobic digestion of municipal solid waste, wastewater management, GHG Emission and CDM potential from landfills, EIA of highway projects and hazardous waste management. He has published approximately 40 international research papers in journal of international repute with high impact factor covered referred journals and 15 papers are under review/submission stage to various international journals. His collaborators include US EPA, University of Calgary, Canada, AIT Thailand, Kasetsart University Thailand, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA, Jadavpur University, India, Uppsala University Sweden etc. He is the Editorial Board member of International Journal of Environmental Monitoring and Assessment besides working as a Guest Editor for many international journals in the domain of solid waste management.

Sunil Kumar

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This book contains research on the chemistry of each step of biogas generation, along with engineering principles and practices, feasibility of biogas production in processing technologies, especially anaerobic digestion of waste and gas production system, its modeling, kinetics along with other associated aspects, utilization and purification of biogas, economy and energy issues, pipe design for biogas energy, microbiological aspects, phyto-fermentation, biogas plant constructions, assessment of ecological potential, biogas generation from sludge, rheological characterization, etc.

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