Open access peer-reviewed Edited Volume

Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering

Edited by Jose A. Andrades

University of Malaga, Spain

Few events in science have captured the same level of sustained interest and imagination of the nonscientific community as Stem Cells, Tissue Engineering, and Regenerative Medicine. The fundamental concept of Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine is appealing to scientists, physicians, and lay people alike: to heal tissue or organ defects that the current medical practice deems difficult or impossible to cure. Tissue engineering combines cells, engineering, and materials methods with suitable biochemical and physiochemical factors to improve or replace biologic functions. Regenerative medicine is a new branch of medicine that attempts to change the course of chronic disease, in many instances regenerating failing organ systems lost due to age, disease, damage, or congenital defects. The area is rapidly becoming one of the most promising treatment options for patients suffering from tissue failure. This book of Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering fairly reflects the state of the art of these two disciplines at this time as well as their therapeutic application. It covers numerous topics, such as stem cells, cell culture, polymer synthesis, novel biomaterials, drug delivery, therapeutics, and the creation of tissues and organs. The goal is to have this book serve as a reference for graduate students, post-docs, teachers, scientists and physicians, and as an explanatory analysis for executives in biotech and pharmaceutical companies.

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Regenerative Medicine and Tissue EngineeringEdited by Jose A. Andrades

Published: May 22nd 2013

DOI: 10.5772/46192

ISBN: 978-953-51-1108-5

eBook (PDF) ISBN: 978-953-51-4248-5

Copyright year: 2013

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Open access peer-reviewed

1. Placenta-Derived Stem Cells as a Source for Treatment of Lung and Liver Disease in Cystic Fibrosis

By Annalucia Carbone, Stefano Castellani, Valentina Paracchini, Sante Di Gioia, Carla Colombo and Massimo Conese


Open access peer-reviewed

2. Isolation of Bone Marrow Stromal Cells: Cellular Composition is Technique-Dependent

By Hideki Agata


Open access peer-reviewed

3. The ASC: Critical Participants in Paracrine-Mediated Tissue Health and Function

By Patricia Zuk


Open access peer-reviewed

4. Dental-Related Stem Cells and Their Potential in Regenerative Medicine

By Razieh Karamzadeh and Mohamadreza Baghaban Eslaminejad


Open access peer-reviewed

5. Induce Differentiation of Embryonic Stem Cells by Co-Culture System

By Fengming Yue, Sakiko Shirasawa, Hinako Ichikawa, Susumu Yoshie, Akimi Mogi, Shoko Masuda, Mika Nagai, Tadayuki Yokohama, Tomotsune Daihachiro and Katsunori Sasaki


Open access peer-reviewed

6. Oral and Maxillofacial Tissue Engineering with Adipose- Derived Stem Cells

By Morikuni Tobita and Hiroshi Mizuno


Open access peer-reviewed

7. Is the Articular Cartilage Regeneration Approachable Through Mesenchymal Stem Cells Therapies

By José M. López-Puerta, Plácido Zamora-Navas, Silvia Claros, Gustavo A. Rico-Llanos, Inés Avedillo, José A. Andrades and José Becerra


Open access peer-reviewed

8. Adipose Derived Stem Cells: Current State of the Art and Prospective Role in Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering

By Vincenzo Vindigni, Giorgio Giatsidis, Francesco Reho , Erica Dalla Venezia , Marco Mammana and Bassetto Franco


Open access peer-reviewed

9. Regulatory Issues in the Therapeutic Use of Stem Cells

By Bridget M. Deasy, Jordan E. Anderson and Shannon Zelina


Open access peer-reviewed

10. The Evolution of Three-Dimensional Cell Cultures Towards Unimpeded Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering

By Aleksandar Evangelatov and Roumen Pankov


Open access peer-reviewed

11. Naturally Derived Biomaterials: Preparation and Application

By Tran Le Bao Ha, To Minh Quan, Doan Nguyen Vu and Do Minh Si


Open access peer-reviewed

12. Biomaterials for Cardiac Tissue Engineering

By M. Arnal-Pastor, J. C. Chachques, M. Monleón Pradas and A. Vallés- Lluch


Open access peer-reviewed

13. Treatment of Bone Defects — Allogenic Platelet Gel and Autologous Bone Technique

By Dragica Smrke, Primož Rožman, Matjaž Veselko and Borut Gubina


Open access peer-reviewed

14. Skeletal Muscle Ventricles (SMVs) and Biomechanical Hearts (BMHs) with a Self-Endothelializing Titanized Blood Contacting Surface

By Norbert W. Guldner, Peter Klapproth, Hangörg Zimmermann and Hans- H. Sievers


Open access peer-reviewed

15. Cartilage Tissue Engineering: The Role of Extracellular Matrix (ECM) and Novel Strategies

By Zaira Y. García-Carvajal, David Garciadiego-Cázares, Carmen Parra- Cid, Rocío Aguilar-Gaytán, Cristina Velasquillo , Clemente Ibarra and Javier S. Castro Carmona


Open access peer-reviewed

16. Fabrication of PGA/PLA Scaffold with the Shape of Human Nose

By Qiong Li, Lu Zhang, Guangdong Zhou, Wei Liu and Yilin Cao


Open access peer-reviewed

17. Bone Marrow–Derived Cells Regenerate Structural and Functional Lower Urinary Tracts

By Tetsuya Imamura, Osamu Ishizuka and Osamu Nishizawa


Open access peer-reviewed

18. Corneal Endothelial Tissue Bioengineering Using Cultured Human Corneal Endothelial Precursor Cells

By Tatsuya Mimura, Seiichi Yokoo and Satoru Yamagami


Open access peer-reviewed

19. Angiogenesis — The Key to Regeneration

By Susanne Jung and Johannes Kleinheinz


Open access peer-reviewed

20. Engineering of Inflammation-Resistant Osteochondral Cells

By Jan O. Gordeladze, Janne E. Reseland, Tommy A. Karlsen, Rune B. Jakobsen, Astrid K. Stunes, Unni Syversen, Lars Engebretsen, Ståle P. Lyngstadaas and Christian Jorgensen


Open access peer-reviewed

21. Tissue Engineered Animal Sparing Models for the Study of Joint and Muscle Diseases

By Ali Mobasheri and Mark Lewis


Open access peer-reviewed

22. Importance of Extracellular Environment for Regenerative Medicine and Tissue Engineering of Cartilagious Tissue

By Shigeru Kobayashi


Open access peer-reviewed

23. Potential of Different Tissue Engineering Strategies in the Bladder Reconstruction

By Sara Bouhout, Alexandre Rousseau, Stéphane Chabaud, Amélie Morissette and Stéphane Bolduc


Open access peer-reviewed

24. Advances in Bone Tissue Engineering

By Chao Le Meng Bao, Erin Y. Teo, Mark S.K. Chong, Yuchun Liu, Mahesh Choolani and Jerry K.Y. Chan


Open access peer-reviewed

25. Bone Engineering: A Matter of Cells, Growth Factors and Biomaterials

By José A. Andrades, Lucía Narváez-Ledesma, Luna Cerón-Torres, Anyith P. Cruz-Amaya, Daniel López-Guillén, M. Laura Mesa- Almagro and José A. Moreno-Moreno


Open access peer-reviewed

26. Adaptation and Evolution in a Gravitational Environment — A Theoretical Framework for the Limited Re-Generative Post- Natal Time Window of the Heart in Higher Vertebrates

By Michele Mario Ciulla, Gianluca Lorenzo Perrucci and Fabio Magrini


Open access peer-reviewed

27. Skeletal Muscle Regeneration for Clinical Application

By Fahd Azzabi Zouraq, Meline Stölting and Daniel Eberli


Open access peer-reviewed

28. Delivery Systems and Role of Growth Factors for Alveolar Bone Regeneration in Dentistry

By Stefano Sivolella, Marleen De Biagi, Giulia Brunello, Sara Ricci, Drazen Tadic, Christiane Marinc, Diego Lops, Letizia Ferroni, Chiara Gardin, Eriberto Bressan and Barbara Zavan


Open access peer-reviewed

29. Regenerative Medicine for Neurological Diseases with the Use of Electrical Stimulation

By Masahiro Kameda


Open access peer-reviewed

30. Pigmented Skin Models: Understand the Mechanisms of Melanocytes

By Isabelle Gendreau, Laetitia Angers, Jessica Jean and Roxane Pouliot


Open access peer-reviewed

31. Cell Therapy and Muscle Regeneration: Skeletal Myogenic Differentiation of Urine-Derived Stem Cells for Potential Use in Treatment of Urinary Incontinence

By Yingai Shi, YuLin Li, JinYu Liu and Yuanyuan Zhang


Open access peer-reviewed

32. Autologous Muscular Treatment Options for Endstage Heart Failure — A Critical Appraisal of the Dynamic Cardiomyoplasty (DCMP) vs. a New Concept of a Closed-Loop Controlled DCMP (CLC-DCMP)

By Norbert W. Guldner, Peter Klapproth and Hans-H. Sievers


Open access peer-reviewed

33. Complications of Post-Transplant Immunosuppression

By Raffaele Girlanda


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