Hussein Abdelhay Essayed Kaoud

Cairo University

Dr. Hussein Kaoud was the Chairman of the Department of Preventive Medicine at Cairo University. He has given lectures in Molecular Epidemiology and Biotechnology at different universities and has been a member of many International Publishing Houses, Reviewer, and Editor for indexed journals. Currently, he works as Full Professor of Preventive Medicine at Cairo University, Egypt. His research interest is focused on Molecular Biology and Advanced Technology of Basic Life Sciences after he had his Ph.D. and D.Sc. He has published more than 300 publications. Dr. Hussein Kaoud has several international books, one international award (USA), 10 Cairo university International Publication awards and the Appreciation Award in Advanced Technological Sciences, from Cairo University. He supervised, examined and discussed many medical dissertations.

3books edited

4chapters authored

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This book discusses important bacterial diseases and suggestive prevention strategies based on progress in this field. It includes four sections and five chapters that provide the most common diseases and an overview of the essential methods for their prevention and control.The book will be useful to researchers and students of veterinary sciences as well as those who are interested in cattle production.The book is the result of collaborating parties. I gratefully acknowledge the assistance provided by all authors who have contributed to the publication of this volume and the In-techOpen editorial office that initiated this project and saw it to its completion.

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