Hussein Abdelhay Essayed Kaoud

Cairo University

Dr. Hussein Kaoud has a Ph.D. and DSc and has completed veterinary fellowships. He is currently a Full Professor of Preventive Medicine, at Cairo University, Egypt, where he was previously Chairman of the Department of Preventive Medicine. He has given lectures in Molecular Epidemiology and Biotechnology at different universities and has been a reviewer and editor for several scientific journals. His research interests include molecular biology and advanced technology in basic life sciences. He has more than 300 publications to his credit, including several international books. He has received one international award, twenty Cairo University International Publication Awards, and the Appreciation Award in Advanced Technological Sciences from the same university. Dr. Kaoud has supervised and examined many medical dissertations.

Hussein Abdelhay Essayed Kaoud

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This book offers a broad perspective on marine mammal species and populations considered to be most at risk due to human activities. It emphasizes the importance of understanding the essential biology and ecology of marine mammals to assess the correlates and causes of extinction and to implement science-based conservation. Chapters address such topics as different types of marine mammals and their importance to the ecosystem of the world’s oceans and food cycles, lactation in marine mammals, dolphin survival rates and causes of movement reduction in Bangladesh, and much more.

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