Kunihiro Sakuma

Toyohashi University of Technology Japan

Associate professor Kunihiro Sakuma, Ph.D., currently works at the Research Center for Physical Fitness, Sports and Health in Toyohashi University of Technology. He is a physiologist working in the field of skeletal muscle. He was awarded sports science diploma in 1995 by the University of Tsukuba and started scientific work at the Department of Physiology, Aichi Human Service Center, focusing on the molecular mechanism of congenital muscular dystrophy and normal muscle regeneration. His interest later was turned to the molecular mechanism and the attenuating strategy of sarcopenia (age-related muscle atrophy). Preventing sarcopenia is important for maintaining a high quality of life in the aged population. His opinion is to attenuate sarcopenia by improving autophagic defect using nutrient- and pharmaceutical-based treatments.

Kunihiro Sakuma

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In order to complete tissue regeneration, various cells such as neuronal, skeletal, smooth, endothelial, and immune (e.g., macrophage) interact smoothly with each other. This book, Muscle Cells and Tissues, offers a wide range of topics such as stem cells, cell culture, biomaterials, epigenetics, therapeutics, and the creation of tissues and organs. Novel applications for cell and tissue engineering including cell therapy, tissue models, and disease pathology modeling are discussed. The book also deals with the functional role of autophagy in modulating muscle homeostasis and molecular mechanism regulating skeletal muscle mass. The chapters can be interesting for graduate students, postdocs, teachers, physicians, and for executives in biotech and pharmaceutical companies, as well as researchers in the fields of molecular biology and regenerative medicine.

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