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University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg United States of America

Mark T. Stauffer was born in 1957. He graduated in Chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh in 1979, worked in industry for 12 years, and returned to Pitt, receiving a PhD in Chemistry in 1998. He joined the chemistry faculty at Pitt-Greensburg in 2001, receiving tenure in 2007. Since 2001, he collaborated on projects in archaeology, foods, test kit evaluation, mine drainage, and data analysis. He and his coauthors presented over 100 papers and posters at technical conferences and published 13 papers in peer-reviewed journals. He presents a short course on analytical data treatment at the annual Pittcon analytical chemistry conference. He conveys his enthusiasm for research and teaching via mentoring undergraduate research and through his courses in analytical chemistry.

Mark Stauffer

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This book seeks to introduce the reader to current methodologies in analytical calibration and validation. This collection of contributed research articles and reviews addresses current developments in the calibration of analytical methods and techniques and their subsequent validation. Section 1, "Introduction," contains the Introductory Chapter, a broad overview of analytical calibration and validation, and a brief synopsis of the following chapters. Section 2 "Calibration Approaches" presents five chapters covering calibration schemes for some modern analytical methods and techniques. The last chapter in this section provides a segue into Section 3, "Validation Approaches," which contains two chapters on validation procedures and parameters. This book is a valuable source of scientific information for anyone interested in analytical calibration and validation.

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