Melinda Fogarasi

University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Cluj-NapocaRomania

Name: Fogarasi Melinda Address: University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine (UASVM), Faculty of Food Science and Technology, Calea Mănăştur 3-5, Cluj-Napoca, Romania Email: Date of birth: 04.09.1988 Education and research interests: 1. PhD in Biotechnology Science, Research regarding the upper valorisation of some vegetable sources rich in bioactive compounds in order to obtain an innovative meat product, (October 2013 - December 2016), UASVM, Cluj – Napoca, Romania. 2. Graduation of project manager formation during structural Euro Fond and Training Bucharest (09.2016). 3. Master of Science, Food engineering, specializing in Food Safety and Consumer Protection (2011 - 2013), Faculty of Food Science and Technology, UASVM Cluj - Napoca, Romania. 4. Erasmus scholarship (10.2012-03.2013) at University of Hohenheim, Stuttgart, Germany 5. Bachelor of Science, Engineer, specialization Food product control and expertise. Faculty of Agriculture, UASVM Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Work experience: Currently, Lecturer Professor at UASVM, Faculty of Food Science and Technology responsible for the following academic disciplines: Animal raw materials, Hygiene of agri-food units, Quality control of animal origin food products. Research interests: Mainly focused on advanced extraction methods of biologically active compounds from plant matrices, analysis and integration of bioactive extracts from food waste in order to increase the shelf life of the products especially the meat products. Languages: Hungarian (mother tongue), Romanian (advanced); English (advanced); German(advanced) Publications: 3 university textbooks in meat science, 35 scientific papers in ISI journals, 35 scientific papers in BDI journals and 6 patent applications among which as main author of two inventions: \"Meat product with improved sensory and microbiological properties\" (nr. A/00929/22.11.2018) and ”Composition of smoked sausages rich in vegetable protein” (nr. A/00854/ 21.11.2016) Research funding: She participated in various national (13- which as project manager of 5) and international (1) projects emphasized on analysis of bioactive compounds and obtaining functional foods. Orcid Id: BrainMap ID: U-1700-039K-4290

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