Xuehui He

Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre

The maintenance of the immune balance between active and suppressive immune cells is crucial for being healthy. In general, FOXP3+ Treg plays a key role in immune tolerance. Under certain microenvironment, Treg could lose their suppressive capacity and start to producing pro-inflammatory cytokines including IL-17. Better understanding the mechanisms of Treg stability would benefit their clinical usage not only in the organ transplantation and autoimmune diseases treatment but also for cancer treatment (in which suppressive function of Treg should be minimized as much as possible). Dr. He mainly focuses on the identification of biomarkers for personalized therapy and the using of biomarkers as co-diagnosticsn in the novel treatment approaches. Her research interests include 1) to unravel the (immune)pathogenesis of the inflammatory disease, 2) to monitor the efficacy and side effects of current immunotherapy strategies applied to cancer patients, 3) to assess the immune profiles involved in regulating local immunity and inflammation. Her final research aim is to capture disease severity in validated outcome measures and assess the side effects of treatments in real clinical practice.