Xuehui He

Radboud University Nijmegen Medical Centre

Dr. Xuehui He received her PhD at Tuebingen University, Germany, in the field of molecular biology. Thereafter, she moved to Nijmegen, The Netherlands, for continuing the adventure in immunology field. Over the years, the regulation of the immune system especially in relation to autoimmune diseases has been her main topic of research including the basics of T cell activation, the induction of immune tolerance, and the modulatory effect of various immune suppressants. Identification of biomarkers for personalized therapy and using the biomarker profile as a co-diagnostic tool is her recent research focus. Her final aim is to capture disease severity in validated outcome measures and assess side effects of treatments in real clinical practice.

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Our immune system is equipped with a series of defence mechanisms to recognise and respond to non-self molecules. Although essential for fighting off infections and preventing cancers, destructive immune responses pose a considerable challenge in autoinflammation and transplantation. Currently available immunosuppressants help to control destructive immune responses. However, management of side-effects of lifelong immunosuppression, including cancer development and reduced survival, remain major problems. For this reason, an increasing amount of interest is directed towards the natural specific regulatory mechanism of the immune system. A better understanding of these mechanisms holds the key. This book presents a comprehensive overview of immune suppression in transplantation, cancer and viral infections. Chapters cover modulation of Treg as well as the new era of immunotherapy.

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