Miljana Z. Jovandaric

Clinical Centre of Serbia

Miljana Z. Jovandaric graduated from the Faculty of Medicine, University of Belgrade, Serbia, in 1989, and completed a specialization in pediatrics at the University Children\'s Hospital, Belgrade, in 1999. She completed her specialization in Neonatology in 2003. Dr. Jovandaric completed her master’s thesis in 2006 and her doctoral dissertation in 2018, both at the School of Medicine, University of Belgrade. She is the author and co-author of more than eighty-four scientific papers presented at national and international conferences and published in scientific journals. Dr. Jovandaric is currently head of the Department of Sick Newborns, Clinic for Gynecology and Obstetrics, Department of Neonatology, Clinical Centre of Serbia.

Miljana Z. Jovandaric

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This edited volume is a collection of reviewed and relevant research chapters that provide a comprehensive overview of recent developments in maternal and child health. Written by experts, the book presents the latest research in the field and opens new possible research paths for further novel developments.

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