Isam Jaber Al-Zwaini

University of Baghdad

Prof. Isam Jaber AL-Zwaini was born on January 04, 1963, in Baghdad, Iraq. After graduating from AL-Mustansiryia College of Medicine in 1987, he worked as a house officer in different hospitals in Baghdad for 15 months, followed by military services for 3 years. He started his pediatric study in 1991 and gained the Fellowship of Iraqi Commission for Medical Specializations in 1996. He worked as a lecturer at the Department of Pediatrics, AL-Anbar Medical College, from 1996 to 2001 when he obtained the title of Assistant Professor. In 2005, he began working in the Department of Pediatrics at AL-Kindy Medical College, University of Baghdad, and obtained the title of Professor in 2008. He became an associate member of the Royal College of Pediatrics and Child Health, UK, in 2007. He has served as head of the pediatric department at AL-Anbar and AL-Kindy Medical Colleges for many years and has published more than thirty scientific papers in different pediatric fields. He has a special interest in pediatric hematology, neurology, and nutrition.

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Feeding during the first two years of life is very important for the nutrition and growth of an infant. It has a great effect on early morbidity and mortality and long-term effects on health. Breastfeeding has many benefits for both the infant and mother, whereas formula feeding, although associated with disadvantages and problems, can be life-saving for infants who need it. This book examines many aspects of infant feeding and nutrition with chapters covering such topics as the impact of the first 1000 days of nutrition on child health and development, breastfeeding, factors behind the decision to breastfeed or formula feed, and the relationship between breastfeeding and gut microbiota, among others.

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