Svetlana J. Milenkovic

Clinical Center of Serbia

Dr. Svetlana Milenkovic was born in 1960. In 1983, she graduated from School of Medicine, University of Belgrade, and received her M.D. Later on (1992), she did her specialization in Pediatrics, and her Postgraduate in endocrinology (School of Medicine, University of Belgrade, 1998). Dr. Milenkovic, did her subspecialization in Neonatology in 2018, and defended her Doctorial dissertation in 2017 (School of Medicine, University of Belgrade). From 1983-2001 she was acting as MD and pediatrician working at Health Center Bor. In 1990 until 1992 she was a Resident in pediatics, at the Institute for Mother and Child, Belgrade. At the Clinical- Hospital Center Zemun, Belgrade, she worked as a Pediatrician, in the Department of Neonatology (2001-2008). Dr. Milenkovic was also a Resident in neonatology, at the University Children's Hospital, Belgrade and Institute for Neonatology, Belgrade (2005-2006); and in 2007 a Resident in School of Ultrasound, University Children'ss Hospital, Belgrade. From December 2008, she is working as a Neonatologist at Clinic for Obstetrics and Gynecology, Clinical Center Serbia, Belgrade, Serbia. Since 1998, Dr. Milenkovic has been a member of Pediatric Chapter of Serbian Medical Society. Her research interest include: Neonatal nutrition, Neonatal endocrinology and metabolism, and Ultrasound investigations in neonatology. Dr. Milenkovic has participated in numerous congresses and meetings, and presented posters and oral presentations. She has several published articles in different medical journals.

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