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Autonomous University of Baja California

Michael Schorr is a Professor and Doctor Honoris Causa at the Institute of Engineering of the University of Baja California in Mexico, and a member of the Mexican National System of Investigators, Level II. He was granted the B.Sc. degree in Chemistry and the M.Sc. degree in Materials Engineering, both by the Technion – Israel Institute of Technology and, during the period of 1986-2004, served as Editor of the Corrosion Reviews journal. He was actively involved in the development of desalination processes in Israel, focusing particularly on the selection and testing of corrosion-resistant materials required for fabrication of the pertinent equipment and plants. Professor Schorr has fifty years of experience in controlling environmental and industrial corrosion in Latin America, Europe, USA, South Africa and Israel. He authored and co-authored 240 scientific and technical publications on corrosion science, engineering and technology, as well as several books in English, Spanish and Hebrew.

Michael Schorr

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Phosphoric acid is an important industrial acid that is utilized for manufacturing phosphatic fertilizers and industrial products, for pickling and posterior treatment of steel surfaces to prevent corrosion, for ensuring appropriate paint adhesion, and for the food and beverages industry, e.g., cola-type drinks to impart taste and slight acidity and to avoid iron sedimentation. This industry is spread out in countries of four continents - Asia, Africa, America, and Europe - which operate mines and production plants and produce fertilizers. Phosacid is one of the most widely known acids. The global phosacid market and its many phosphate derivatives are expanding worldwide; this trend is expected to continue in the next years, thus producing innovative products.

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