Nagwa Mohammed Amin Aref

Ain Shams University

Over the past decade, Prof. Nagwa Mohamed Mohamed Amin Aref has worked in the areas of virology, molecular virology, nanotechnology, and immunology. Her work as an inventor has investigated three applied patents methods: a method of treating a bacterial infection using colostrum, a method of using clay suspension to prevent viral and phytoplasma diseases in plants, and a method of inhibiting plant virus using gold nanoparticles. She has made fundamental contributions to plant and medical viruses including publishing more than ninety-one journal articles and presenting at numerous conferences. Included topics are: \"Detecting plant viral disease of stone fruit trees\", \"Engineering transgenic tomato plants Resistant to Tomato Yellow Mosaic Gemini Virus\", \"Radioprotective efficacy of zinc oxide nanoparticles on γ-ray-induced nuclear DNA damage in Vicia faba L. as evaluated by DNA bioassays\", \"Modulatory effect of zinc oxide nanoparticles on gamma radiation-induced genotoxicity in Vicia faba\", \"Bioactive Molecules from Dodder Cuscuta as a critical parameter in the management of plant virus disease\", \"Evaluation o Biological and Molecular Characterizations for Identification of a Phytoplasma Associated With Lemon Witches\'-Broom in Egypt\", \"Physiological parameters correlated with Tomato Mosaic Virus inducing a defensive response in Datura metel\", \"Interleukin 17 Level as a Prognostic Marker in Highly Active Antiviral Treated Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) in Saudi Patients\", \"Lymphocyte subset and anti-HLA in AIDS Saudi patients\", \"Prevalence of HCV Genotypes and Viral Load in Saudi Arabia\", \"Correlation Between Phage Typing and Toxins Content as an Outbreak Tool in Staphylococcus aureus\", \"Olive Leaf Extract Trigger Defense Physiological Markers in Datura metel against Tobacco Mosaic Virus\" \"Correlation between Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Titers and Hepatitis B Virus DNA Levels\" and etc. Over 91 journal articles have been published in these areas, and also numerous conference presentations made. She has collaborated with US, Indian, Saudi, Egyptian, German, French, and Taiwanese researchers. Previously, she was Professor of Virology, Molecular Virology, Faculty of Agriculture, Microbiology Department, Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt.

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