Sara Palermo

University of Turin

Sara Palermo (Ph.D. in Experimental Neuroscience) is an expert in experimental neuroscience, clinical neuropsychology, and advanced neuropsychological testing. Moreover, she performs multidimensional geriatric evaluation and basic neurological symptomatology detection in patients with neurodegenerative disorders. She has engaged in fMRI neuropsychological studies and Activation Likelihood Estimation meta-analysis of neuroimaging studies. Sara Palermo is a research member of the Centre for the Study of Movement Disorders, a member of the Placebo Responses Mapping Group at the Department of Neuroscience, and a member of the Neuropsychology of Cognitive Impairment and Central Nervous System Degenerative Diseases Group at the Department of Psychology (University of Turin). She is also a member of the Italian Society of Neuropsychology, the Italian Association of Psychogeriatrics and of the Italian Society of Neurology for Dementia.