Sara Palermo

National Institute of Philanthropy – Filantropolis

Sara Palermo has an MSc in Clinical Psychology and a Ph.D. in Experimental Neuroscience. She works as a Senior Researcher at the Neuroradiology Department of the IRCCS Istituto Neurologico Carlo Besta, Milan. Moreover, she is Specialty Chief Editor for Frontiers in Psychology – Neuropsychology and Scientific Director of the Italian National Institute of Philanthropy – Filantropolis, for which she carries out research on the psychology of giving and health. She is an ordinary member of the Italian Society of Neuropsychology (SINP), Italian Association of Psychogeriatrics (AIP), Italian Society of Neurology for Dementia (SiNdem), and International Society for Interdisciplinary Placebo Studies (SIPS). Importantly, she is a member of the European Innovation Partnership on Active and Healthy Aging (EIP on AHA), for which she is involved in the Action Group A3 for the Prevention of Functional Decline and Frailty.

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The progressive growth in the number of older adults worldwide has led to a modification of the current healthcare scenario and a parallel increase in the use of public resources. In this book, we propose a conceptual framework within which aging, frailty, and care are analyzed through the lens of complexity medicine. Therefore, we present a multidimensional perspective that takes into account biomedical, (neuro)psychological, and socio-ecological vulnerability. The theses presented are the result of an inductive approach, based on many years of experience in the field, which has made it possible to identify strategies for frailty recognition and effective responses even in complicated clinical settings. The book is intended to be a tool of concrete and easy consultation, rich in reflections and suggestions.

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