Matteo Defedele

University of Turin

Matteo Defedele is an expert Conflict Mediation Manager. He studied Criminal Psychology at the University of Turin, Italy and become specialized in conflict mediation through the teachings of Prof. Duccio Scatolero, an important Italian criminologist. He has been working at Ferrante Aporti, a prison for minors in Turin since 2010, participating in educational projects (working and studying projects with young inmates), and in different schools since 2011, improving prevention projects to fight bullying, school dropout and early abandonment. He is a volunteer at Lorusso e Cutugno, a prison for adults in Turin, where he leads artistic workshops. Since 2015, he has been the Vice President of EssereUmani Association, coordinating the project management area. He also coordinates different conflict management programs in high schools, where students can talk discuss their interpersonal problems and try to resolve them “face to face”.

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