António M. Jordão

Polytechnic Institute of Viseu Portugal

António M. Jordão is an Associate Professor of Enology at the Polytechnic Institute of Viseu (School of Agriculture), Portugal, where he coordinates the Viticulture and Enology technical course, and is a member of the Chemistry Research Centre. He graduated in agro-industrial engineering from the Agronomy Higher Institute of the Technical University of Lisbon, obtaining a master’s degree in food science and technology and a Ph.D. in agro-industrial engineering from the same institution. He is associated with several research projects involving grape and wine phenolic composition, and wine technology. He is the scientific editor of seven books on grape and wine composition and winemaking and has published 50 scientific papers in peer-reviewed journals and 20 book chapters. He is involved in developing consultancy services for wine companies and evaluates research projects for National Innovation Agencies in several countries.

António M. Jordão

2books edited

4chapters authored

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Recent Advances in Grape and Wine Production - New Perspectives for Quality Improvement, written by a group of international researchers, provides a comprehensive overview of recent innovations in viticulture and enology - grape and wine production. This book is not only for technicians actively engaged in the field but also for students at technical schools and/or universities and other professionals interested in the latest innovations in grape and wine research.

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