Rodica-Mariana Ion

Valahia University of Târgoviște

Prof. Rodica-Mariana Ion, Ph.D., is Full Professor of Nanomaterials at Valahia University, Targoviste and Head of Cultural Heritage Research Group ICECHIM - Bucharest, Romania. Author of 275 publications (Hirsch index = 22 (Google Scholar), 18 (Scopus); 20 books/chapters; 20 patents on nanoparticles on conservation/restoration of mural paintings, stone surface, paintings, books, wood churches, scientific analytical investigations of artifacts, photochemical aging processes and mechanism. Research Projects: (1) Method based on nanomaterials for conservation of paper and wood artifacts - Romania-Republic of South Africa; (2) Colour and Space in Cultural Heritage - UE COST TD 1201; (3) Innovative techniques and materials for preservation/restoration of stucco and decorative elements of masonry in patrimony buildings; (4) New diagnosis and treatment technologies for the preservation and revitalization of archaeological components of the national cultural heritage.

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