Marian Găiceanu

"Dunarea de Jos" University of Galati

Professor Marian Găiceanu graduated from the Naval and Electrical Engineering Faculty of “Dunarea de Jos University” of Galati in 1997. He received a Ph.D. (Magna Cum Laude) in Electrical Engineering in 2002. Since 2017, Dr. Găiceanu has served as a Ph.D. supervisor in Electrical Engineering. Since 1996, he has been employed at “Dunarea de Jos University” of Galati where he is currently a professor. He is also a member of the National Council for Attesting Titles, Diplomas and Certificates; an expert of the Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research Funding, and member of the Senate of Dunarea de Jos University.  Since March 2016, Dr. Găiceanu has been head of the Integrated Energy Conversion Systems and Advanced Control of Complex Processes Research Center, Romania. Dr. Găiceanu has conducted several projects in the area of power converter systems for electrical drives, power quality, PEM and SOFC fuel cell power converters for utilities, electric vehicles, and marine applications with the Department of Regulation and Control, SIEI S.pA. (2002–2004) and Polytechnic of Turin, Italy (2002–2004, 2006–2007). He is an IEEE member and cofounder-member of IEEE Power Electronics Romanian Chapter. He is a guest editor at Energies, academic editor for IntechOpen, and member of the Journal of Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Control and Computer Science and Sustainability editorial boards. He has also served as general chairman of the IEEE International Symposium on Electrical and Electronics Engineering, ISEEE, in the last five editions.

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This book examines the development and technical progress of self-driving vehicles in the context of the Vision Zero project from the European Union, which aims to eliminate highway system fatalities and serious accidents by 2050. It presents the concept of Autonomous Driving (AD) and discusses its applications in transportation, logistics, space, agriculture, and industrial and home automation.

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