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Kobe College

Naofumi Shiomi is a professor at the School of Human Sciences at Kobe College, Japan, where he teaches applied microbiology, biotechnology, and life science. He earned his Ph.D. in engineering from Kyoto University. He studied recombinant yeast and its utilization as a researcher at the Laboratory of Production Technology of Kaneka Corporation for 15 years, and for the last 20 years has studied bioremediation at Kobe College. During the last decade, his research has focused on cellular rejuvenation and the prevention of metabolic syndrome.

Naofumi Shiomi

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Lifestyle-related diseases are caused by an unbalanced diet and irregular, undesirable lifestyle, leading to a condition called metabolic syndrome. Rather like dominoes falling, these diseases develop one after another. Owing to changes in dietary habits and working environments, the incidence of lifestyle-related diseases, obesity, and metabolic syndrome is increasing globally, resulting in a serious social problem that needs to be solved. This book deals with recent studies on lifestyle-related diseases and metabolic syndrome, and the following three topics are discussed: (1) characteristics of metabolic syndrome and lifestyle-related diseases; (2) the relationship between metabolic syndrome and several diseases; and (3) effective interventions to prevent lifestyle-related diseases. This book provides new ideas for the treatment and prevention of metabolic syndrome and lifestyle-related diseases.

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