Naofumi Shiomi

Kobe College

Dr. Naofumi Shiomi studied recombinant yeast and its utilization as a researcher at the Laboratory of Production Technology of Kanena Corporation for 15 years until 1998 and earned his Ph.D. in Engineering from Kyoto University, Japan. He now works as a professor at the School of Human Sciences of Kobe College in Japan, where he teaches applied microbiology, biotechnology, and life science in his Applied Life Science laboratory. He has studied bioremediation for 24 years at Kobe College and has published more than 40 papers and several book chapters on recombinant microorganisms, bioremediation, and functional foods. His recent research has also focused on the prevention of obesity and aging.

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Genetic and cellular technologies in life science have recently achieved remarkable progress, and thus the roles of biochemical engineers have also been changed to incorporate the use of new technology. Therefore, this book deals with current topics in biochemical engineering. The chapters of this book discuss research that has introduced artificial enzymes, kinetic models in bioprocessing, a small-scale production process, and production of energy with microbial fuel. These chapters offer novel ideas for the production of effective compounds and energy. Moreover, other research has introduced the production technology of stem cells and biomedical processes using nanoshells and extracellular vesicles. These chapters will provide novel ideas to produce effective compounds and develop therapies for various diseases.

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