Tomasz Arkadiusz Tański

Silesian University of Technology

Prof. Tomasz Tański is the Head of the Department of Engineering Materials and Biomaterials Silesian University of Technology, a Member of the Metallurgy Section of Committee of Metallurgy of the Polish Academy of Sciences, a specialist in materials non-ferrous alloys, composite materials and nanostructured, manufacturing engineering, surface, study the properties and structure engineering materials, authored or co-authored more than 400 scientific publications worldwide including 15 monographs and books, more than 90 publications in the Philadelphia list, won 20awards and honors national and international, is/and or was a supervisor or contractor more than 15 research and didactic projects in Poland and abroad and reviewer and promoter of numerous scientific papers, including 8 doctoral research in the field of nanotechnology and materials.

6books edited

10chapters authored

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This book contains chapters with the results of the research into the creep effect in different materials (ceramics, metallic materials, polymers, organic materials) and presents the method for using the assessment based on creep tests and numerical calculations to determine the actual lifetime. This subject has relevance as a significant development of new materials in which the creep effect is a decisive factor for their durability within the design service life have been observed in recent years. Therefore, there is a great demand for knowledge of the actual performance of materials during and beyond the design service life. The book aims to provide readers, including but not limited to MSc and PhD students as well as research personnel and engineers involved in operation of power equipment, with the comprehensive information on changes in the performance of creep-resistant materials during service.

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