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Maria Chávarri Hueda has received her MS degree in Biological Sciences from Universidad de Navarra, Spain, in 1997. She obtained her PhD degree from Nutrition and Food Science Area, Department of Pharmacy and Food Sciences, Faculty of Pharmacy, University of the Basque Country. Chávarri has experience in biotechnology and food science, acting on the following subjects: bioactive molecules and functional activity, probiotics, and nutritional status. She worked on the “Influence of the lipid source of the diet on various aspects of hepatic metabolism of triglycerides and cholesterol.” Over the last few decades, Chávarri worked as a senior researcher at TECNALIA R&I, Technological Development Center, in food and health area, and she has focused her studies on bioactive molecules of food and plant origin and their functional activities, as well as to deepen her knowledge on probiotics, with the objective of developing functional foods.

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Today's society is increasingly aware of the importance of food and health. For this reason, consumers increasingly demand more products that help prevent disease. In this sense, science and technology are helping to find new bioactive compounds that, when properly administered, can provide beneficial health effects. Among these compounds are nutraceuticals, concentrated natural bioactive substances available in pills, capsules, and powders among other forms. This book comprehensively reviews and compiles information on molecules that can help prevent and treat prevalent diseases.

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