Vladimir Lakhtin

Gabrichevsky Institute of Epidemiology and Microbiology Russia

Dr. Vladimir Lakhtin began his work at Institute of Biophysics of Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), on study of mammal nucleic acid structures. He continued work at A.N. Bach Institute Biochemistry RAS where he received PhD on the mammal DNA investigation. He continued work at Institute Food Compounds RAS where he received MD on study of lectins and glycoconjugates. He was a head of lab. Lectinology in Institute Applied Sciences at M.V. Lomonosov Moscow University Scientific Center. At present he works at G.N. Gabrichevsky Research Institute, Dep. Medical Biotechnology. He is a head of lab. Biopreparations & Drug Forms. He studies innate human systems and human microbiota. He studied/studies lectins from higher/lower plants, microbial fungi/bacteria, invertebrates/vertebrates, human. He collaborated/collaborates to Institutes: Epidemiology & Microbiology after Gamaleya RAMS, Animal Agriculture RAAS, Ukrain Microbiology & Virusology NAS, Element-Organic Compounds RAS, Bioorganic Chemistry RAS, Pacific Biorg Chem RAS, Biology Gene RAS, General Genetics RAS, Antidoping Center (Moscow), Charles University (Prague), Phytotherapy (Moscow). He participated as lecturer at Louisville Medical College. He is active participant of international symposia (since 1988). He has at least 280 publications including 16 patents and 4 monographic books.

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