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Polish Academy of Sciences

Anna Sikora is a microbiologist, professor at the Institute of Biochemistry and Biophysics (IBB) PAS, Warsaw, Poland, and a leader of the Laboratory of White Biotechnology, Warsaw, Poland. She is a graduate of the Faculty of Biology, University of Warsaw. She received her Ph.D. and postdoctoral degrees from IBB PAS. She specializes in research on anaerobic digestion, fermentation processes, biogases (biohydrogen and biomethane) production; microbial communities and nutritional interactions between microorganisms; microbial iron reduction; and mutagenesis and DNA repair in bacteria. She has authored experimental papers, book chapters, and conference reports. She cooperates with the sugar industry in the field of applied research on the development of a method to obtain hydrogen and methane during anaerobic digestion of byproducts and wastes from sugar production.

Anna Sikora

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Anaerobic digestion of biomass to biogas, commonly occurring in natural anoxic ecosystems, is an excellent method for utilizing wastes and producing green energy. This book presents examples of local installations of AD, or their proposals, located at small factories, workplaces, and in rural areas and housing complexes. The facilities consider the specific nature of the region, site conditions, and specificity of the utilized wastes. They protect the environment and ensure dispersed energy production. The latter is of great economic significance due to its closeness to end customers. Small local installations expand the pool of renewable energy on a global scale.

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