Francisco Capani

University of Buenos Aires

Dr. Francisco Capani graduated from the School of Medicine, University of Buenos Aires (UBA), Argentina, and completed his doctoral studies in Neuroscience at the Institute of Cell Biology and Neuroscience “Prof. E. De Robertis,” School of Medicine (UBA), Argentina. He completed his postdoctoral studies abroad at the University of California San Diego (UCSD-NCMIR) and the Karolinska Institute, Department of Neuroscience. Over an eight-year period, his research focused on synaptic organization, combining electron tomography, 3D reconstruction, and correlative light and electron microscopy techniques. Upon his return to Argentina in 2006, he devoted his study to the mechanisms involved in the pathophysiology of the perinatal asphyxia supported by his broad experience in electron microscopy. Dr. Capani has published 115 papers in recognized journals and has been an invited speaker at several international conferences.

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