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Neurodegenerative Diseases

Processes, Prevention, Protection and Monitoring

Neurodegenerative Diseases - Processes, Prevention, Protection and Monitoring focuses on biological mechanisms, prevention, neuroprotection and even monitoring of disease progression. This book emphasizes the general biological processes of neurodegeneration in different neurodegenerative diseases. Although the primary etiology for different neurodegenerative diseases is different, there is a high level of similarity in the disease processes. The first three sections introduce how toxic proteins, intracellular calcium and oxidative stress affect different biological signaling pathways or molecular machineries to inform neurons to undergo degeneration. A section discusses how neighboring glial cells modulate or promote neurodegeneration. In the next section an evaluation is given of how hormonal and metabolic control modulate disease progression, which is followed by a section exploring some preventive methods using natural products and new pharmacological targets. We also explore how medical devices facilitate patient monitoring. This book is suitable for different readers: college students can use it as a textbook; researchers in academic institutions and pharmaceutical companies can take it as updated research information; health care professionals can take it as a reference book, even patients' families, relatives and friends can take it as a good basis to understand neurodegenerative diseases.

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Neurodegenerative DiseasesProcesses, Prevention, Protection and MonitoringEdited by Raymond Chuen-Chung Chang

Published: December 9th 2011

DOI: 10.5772/1252

ISBN: 978-953-307-485-6

eBook (PDF) ISBN: 978-953-51-4391-8

Copyright year: 2011

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Open access peer-reviewed

1. What is the Link Between Protein Aggregation and Interneuronal Lesion Propagation in Neurodegenerative Disease?

By Garth F. Hall


Open access peer-reviewed

2. Roles of Microtubules in Maintenance of Nerve Cell Networks

By Kentaro Yomogida, Shumi Yoshida-Yamamoto and Hiroshi Doi


Open access peer-reviewed

3. Oxidative Stress and Neurodegenerative Disease

By Selva Rivas-Arancibia, Cesar Gallegos-Ríos, Nancy Gomez-Crisostomo, Ever Ferreira-Garcidueñas, Dulce Flores Briseño, Luz Navarro and Erika Rodríguez-Martínez


Open access peer-reviewed

4. Free Radicals in Neurodegenerative Diseases: Modulation by Palladium α-Lipoic Acid Complex

By Chirakkal V. Krishnan, Merrill Garnett and Frank Antonawich


Open access peer-reviewed

5. Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA), in the Prevention and Treatment of Neurodegenerative Diseases

By Rodrigo Valenzuela B. and Alfonso Valenzuela B.


Open access peer-reviewed

6. Effect of Zinc and DHA on Expression Levels and Post-Translational Modifications of Histones H3 and H4 in Human Neuronal Cells

By Nadia Sadli, Nayyar Ahmed, M. Leigh Ackland, Andrew Sinclair, Colin J. Barrow and Cenk Suphioglu


Open access peer-reviewed

7. Free Radicals, Neuronal Death and Neuroprotection

By Diana Gallego, Manuel Rojas and Camilo Orozco


Open access peer-reviewed

8. Neuropathological Disorders and Calcium Independent Forms of Phospholipase A2 Activities in the Brain

By Julie Allyson and Guy Massicotte


Open access peer-reviewed

9. ASK1 and Its Role in Neurodegenerative Diseases

By Emmanuel Sturchler, Daniel Feurstein, Patricia McDonald and Derek Duckett


Open access peer-reviewed

10. Role of Connexin Hemichannels in Neurodegeneration

By Juan A. Orellana, Christian Giaume and Juan C. Sáez


Open access peer-reviewed

11. Role of Astrocytes in Neurodegenerative Diseases

By George E. Barreto, Janneth Gonzalez, Francisco Capani and Ludis Morales


Open access peer-reviewed

12. Alteration of Neuron-Glia Interactions in Neurodegeneration: Molecular Biomarkers and Therapeutic Strategy

By Alla B. Salmina, Marina M. Petrova, Tatyana E. Taranushenko, Semen V. Prokopenko, Natalia A. Malinovskaya, Olesya S. Okuneva, Alyona I. Inzhutova, Andrei V. Morgun and Alexander A. Fursov


Open access peer-reviewed

13. Microglia, Calcification and Neurodegenerative Diseases

By Jose M. Vidal-Taboada, Nicole Mahy and Manuel J. Rodríguez


Open access peer-reviewed

14. Analysis of the Impact of CD200 on Neurodegenerative Diseases

By Anne-Marie Miller, Brian F. Deighan, Eric Downer, Anthony Lyons, Petra Henrich-Noack, Yvonne Nolan and Marina A. Lynch


Open access peer-reviewed

15. Hormonal Signaling Systems of the Brain in Diabetes Mellitus

By Alexander Shpakov, Oksana Chistyakova, Kira Derkach and Vera Bondareva


Open access peer-reviewed

16. Can VEGF-B Be Used to Treat Neurodegenerative Diseases?

By Xuri Li, Anil Kumar, Chunsik Lee, Zhongshu Tang, Yang Li, Pachiappan Arjunan, Xu Hou and Fan Zhang


Open access peer-reviewed

17. Power of a Metabonomic Approach to Investigate an Unknown Nervous Disease

By Céline Domange, Alain Paris, Henri Schroeder and Nathalie Priymenko


Open access peer-reviewed

18. Extract of Achillea fragrantissima Downregulates ROS Production and Protects Astrocytes from Oxidative-Stress-Induced Cell Death

By Anat Elmann, Alona Telerman, Sharon Mordechay, Hilla Erlank, Miriam Rindner, Rivka Ofir and Elie Beit-Yannai


Open access peer-reviewed

19. Quantification of Volumetric Changes of Brain in Neurodegenerative Diseases Using Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Stereology

By Niyazi Acer, Ahmet Tuncay Turgut, Yelda Özsunar and Mehmet Turgut


Open access peer-reviewed

20. Acid-Sensing Ion Channels in Neurodegenerative Diseases: Potential Therapeutic Target

By Chu Xiang-Ping, Wang John Q. and Xiong Zhi-Gang


Open access peer-reviewed

21. Genome Profiling and Potential Biomarkers in Neurodegenerative Disorders

By Luca Lovrečić, Aleš Maver and Borut Peterlin


Open access peer-reviewed

22. Immunization with Neural-Derived Peptides as a Potential Therapy in Neurodegenerative Diseases

By Humberto Mestre and Antonio Ibarra


Open access peer-reviewed

23. Neurodegenerative Disease Monitoring Using a Portable Wireless Sensor Device

By Paul Bustamante, Gonzalo Solas and Karol Grandez


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