Michael G. Tyshenko

University of Ottawa Canada

Michael Tyshenko holds the McLaughlin Chair in Biological Risk Assessment at the University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada. His academic background includes a PhD. in molecular biology, a MPA in Public Administration and post-doctoral training in both Policy Studies and Risk Communication. He focuses on emerging issues including: genomics, bioinformatics, zoonotic diseases, medical nanotechnology and infectious disease communication. He has published over 70 peer reviewed papers and is author of “SARS Unmasked” (2010, McGill Queens University Press), a comprehensive book on infectious disease risk management in Canada. He acts as a reviewer for several health and public policy journals and works extensively with the Canadian government on infectious disease risk assessments.

Michael G. Tyshenko

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This book presents a collection of health risk assessments for known and emerging hazards that span a continuum. Case studies for existing health risks include psychoactive drug usage in delivery truck drivers and using look-back risk assessment for accidental syringe re-use in healthcare settings. Case studies for emerging risks include precautionary actions to safeguard blood supplies; nanoparticle deposition in the lung; and the epistemic issues surrounding genetically modified organism risk assessments. The final section of the book deals with advancing health risk assessment analyses through a post-genomics lens and provides case studies on personalized genomics, new data analyses and improving in silico models for risk assessment. These case studies provide much insight into the ongoing evolution of health risk assessments.

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