Vijay Nalladega

University of Dayton United States of America

Vijayaraghava Nalladega is a Research Engineer in the Structural Integrity Division of University of Dayton Research Institute. He has PhD and MS degrees in Mechanical Engineering from University of Dayton, respectively. The primary focus of his research work is materials characterization using atomic force microscopy and scanning probe microscopy techniques. His research also involves the design and development of novel scanning probe microscopy techniques for imaging multiple physical properties of materials at the nanoscale, as well as development of AFM based nanoscale nondestructive evaluation (NDE) techniques. Dr. Nalladega’s other research interests include ultrasonic NDE, nonlinear ultrasonics, and design of interdigital transducer sensors for structural health monitoring (SHM) applications.

Vijay Nalladega

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Scanning probe microscopy (SPM) is one of the key enabling tools for the advancement for nanotechnology with applications in many interdisciplinary research areas. This book presents selected original research works on the application of scanning probe microscopy techniques for the characterization of physical properties of different materials at the nanoscale. The topics in the book range from surface morphology analysis of thin film structures, oxide thin layers and superconducting structures, novel scanning probe microscopy techniques for characterization of mechanical and electrical properties, evaluation of mechanical and tribological properties of hybrid coatings and thin films. The variety of topics chosen for the book underlines the strong interdisciplinary nature of the research work in the field of scanning probe microscopy.

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