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1. Optoelectronics and Optical Bio-Sensors

By Thamer Tabbakh, Noha Alotaibi, Zahrah A. Almusaylim, Sundos Alabdulkarim, N.Z. Jhanjhi and Nawaf Bin Darwish

Part of book: Optoelectronics [Working Title]

2. Single Crystal Hybrid Perovskite Optoelectronics: Progress and Perspectives

By Feng Li

Part of book: Optoelectronics [Working Title]

3. Periodic Nanophotonic Structures-Based Light Management for Solar Energy Harvesting

By Nikhil Deep Gupta

Part of book: Optoelectronics [Working Title]

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1. X-Ray Diffraction in Biology: How Can We See DNA and Proteins in Three Dimensions?

By Claudine Mayer

Part of book: X-ray Scattering

2. Second Harmonic Generation Microscopy: A Tool for Quantitative Analysis of Tissues

By Juan M. Bueno, Francisco J. Ávila, and Pablo Artal

Part of book: Microscopy and Analysis

3. Solar Energy Conversion and Noise Characterization in Photovoltaic Devices with Ventilation

By Himanshu Dehra

Part of book: Recent Developments in Photovoltaic Materials and Devices

4. Application of FTIR Spectroscopy in Environmental Studies

By Claudia Maria Simonescu

Part of book: Advanced Aspects of Spectroscopy

5. Electronic (Absorption) Spectra of 3d Transition Metal Complexes

By S. Lakshmi Reddy, Tamio Endo and G. Siva Reddy

Part of book: Advanced Aspects of Spectroscopy

6. High‐Resolution X‐Ray Diffraction of III–V Semiconductor Thin Films

By Hédi Fitouri, Mohamed Mourad Habchi and Ahmed Rebey

Part of book: X-ray Scattering

7. X‐Ray Spectroscopy on Biological Systems

By Joanna Czapla‐Masztafiak, Wojciech M. Kwiatek, Jacinto Sá and Jakub Szlachetko

Part of book: X-ray Scattering

8. III-V Multi-Junction Solar Cells

By Gui jiang Lin, Jingfeng Bi, Minghui Song, Jianqing Liu, Weiping Xiong and Meichun Huang

Part of book: Optoelectronics - Advanced Materials and Devices

9. AlGaAs/GaAs Quantum Well Infrared Photodetectors

By Michael A. Dem'yanenko, Dmitry G. Esaev, Aleksandr I. Toropov, Natalia A. Valisheva, Sergey A. Dvoretsky, Dmitry V. Dmitriev, Dmitry V. Gulyaev, Vladimir A. Fateev, Igor V. Marchishin, Dmitry Yu Protasov, Anatoly P. Savchenko, Victor N. Ovsyuk and Konstantin Zhuravlev

Part of book: Two-dimensional Materials for Photodetector

10. Study of Helminth Parasites of Amphibians by Scanning Electron Microscopy

By Cynthya Elizabeth González, Monika Inés Hamann and Cristina Salgad

Part of book: Scanning Electron Microscopy