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1. Optical-Fiber Measurement Systems for Medical Applications

By Sergio Silvestri and Emiliano Schena

Part of book: Optoelectronics

2. Microstructural and Mineralogical Characterization of Clay Stabilized Using Calcium-Based Stabilizers

By Pranshoo Solanki and Musharraf Zaman

Part of book: Scanning Electron Microscopy

3. Photonic Crystals for Optical Sensing: A Review

By Benedetto Troia, Antonia Paolicelli, Francesco De Leonardis and Vittorio M. N. Passaro

Part of book: Advances in Photonic Crystals


Most downloaded chapters in this category in last 30 days

Chapter title
1. The Photonic Torque Microscope: Measuring Non-Conservative Force-Fields

By Giovanni Volpe, Giorgio Volpe and Giuseppe Pesce

Part of book: Recent Optical and Photonic Technologies

2. Micro-Raman Studies of Li Doped and Undoped ZnO Needle Crystals

By R. Jothilakshmi

Part of book: Optoelectronics

3. Photonic Crystal Coupled to N-V Center in Diamond

By Luca Marseglia

Part of book: Advances in Photonic Crystals

4. Dynamic Characteristics of Linear and Nonlinear Wideband Photonic Crystal Filters

By I. V. Guryev, J. R. Cabrera Esteves, I. A. Sukhoivanov, N. S. Gurieva, J. A. Andrade Lucio, O. Ibarra-Manzano and E. Vargas Rodriguez

Part of book: Advances in Photonic Crystals

5. Local Electric Polarization Vector Detection

By Kwang Geol Lee and DaiSik Kim

Part of book: Recent Optical and Photonic Technologies

6. Chip-Scale Programmable Photonic Filters

By Duncan L. MacFarlane

Part of book: Advances in Optical and Photonic Devices

7. Achromatic Ellipsometry: Theory and Applications

By Eralci Moreira Therézio, Gustavo G. Dalkiranis, André A. Vieira, Hugo Gallardo, Ivan H. Bechtold, Patricia Targon Campana and Alexandre Marletta

Part of book: Ellipsometry

8. Synthesis of Aromatic-Ring-Layered Polymers

By Yasuhiro Morisaki and Yoshiki Chujo

Part of book: Optoelectronics

9. Air Exposure Improvement of Optical Properties of Hydrogenated Nanostructured Silicon Thin Films for Optoelectronic Application

By Atif Mossad Ali

Part of book: Optoelectronics

10. The Use of Electron Probe MicroAnalysis to Determine the Thickness of Thin Films in Materials Science

By Frédéric Christien, Edouard Ferchaud, Pawel Nowakowski and Marion Allart

Part of book: X-Ray Spectroscopy