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1. Textile Organic Dyes – Characteristics, Polluting Effects and Separation/Elimination Procedures from Industrial Effluents – A Critical Overview

By Zaharia Carmen and Suteu Daniela

Part of book: Organic Pollutants Ten Years After the Stockholm Convention

2. Water Stress in Plants: Causes, Effects and Responses

By Seyed Y. S. Lisar, Rouhollah Motafakkerazad, Mosharraf M. Hossain and Ismail M. M. Rahman

Part of book: Water Stress

3. Hydrolysis of Lignocellulosic Biomass: Current Status of Processes and Technologies and Future Perspectives

By Alessandra Verardi, Isabella De Bari, Emanuele Ricca and Vincenza Calabrò

Part of book: Bioethanol


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1. Prey Selection of Pseudorasbora parva (Temminck and Schlegel, 1846) in a Freshwater Ecosystem (Lake Eğirdir/Turkey)

By Meral Apaydin Yağci, Ahmet Alp, Abdulkadir Yağci, Vedat Yeğen and Mehmet Ali Turan Koçer

Part of book: Selected Studies in Biodiversity

2. Usefulness of Plant Biodiversity in the Cities of Togo

By Radji Raoufou and Kokou Kouami

Part of book: Selected Studies in Biodiversity

3. Biodiversity of Amphipoda Talitridae in Tunisian Wetlands

By Jelassi Raja, Khemaissia Hajer and Nasri-Ammar Karima

Part of book: Selected Studies in Biodiversity

4. Positive Rules Can Lead to Positive Behaviours: Students’ Perceptions of Messages on Information Boards in Protected Areas

By Gregor Torkar, Saša Mezek and Janez Jerman

Part of book: Selected Studies in Biodiversity

5. Seabed Biodiversity Shifts Identify Climate Regimes: The 2011 Climate Regime Shift and Associated Cascades

By Jeffrey B. Marliave, Donna M. Gibbs, Laura A. Borden and Charles J. Gibbs

Part of book: Selected Studies in Biodiversity

6. Commercial Harvesting of Marula (Sclerocarya Birrea) in Swaziland: A Quest for Sustainability

By Alfred Francis Murye and André J. Pelser

Part of book: Selected Studies in Biodiversity

7. Synopsis of Mangle Species in Mexico

By Basáñez Muñoz Agustín de Jesús, Serrano Solis Arturo, Martínez Cortés Esmeralda, Cuervo López Liliana, Capistrán Barradas Ascención and Naval Ávila Celina

Part of book: Selected Studies in Biodiversity

8. Spatio-Temporal Evolution of Sediments Pollution with Mobile Heavy Metals in an Abandoned Mining Area from Romania

By Lidia Kim, Geanina-Gabriela Vasile, Luoana Florentina Pascu, Bogdan Stanescu, Alina-Maria Muresan, Adriana Cuciureanu, Gheorghe Batrinescu and Nicolae Ionut Cristea

Part of book: Sedimentation Engineering

9. Sedimentation Processes in the Tinto and Odiel Salt Marshes in Huelva, Spain

By Emilio Ramírez-Juidías

Part of book: Sedimentation Engineering

10. Decreased Epiphytic Bryophyte Diversity on Mt. Odaigahara, Japan: Causes and Implications

By Yoshitaka Oishi

Part of book: Biodiversity Enrichment in a Diverse World