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Evoqua Water Technologies (United States)

Dr. Ivan Zhu has highly specialized expertise in biological wastewater treatment, membrane applications to industrial and municipal water and wastewater treatment, flocs and biofilm characterization in terms of microbial community distribution and extra-cellular polymeric substances, and membrane fouling characterization. He has applied his knowledge of separation processes to evaluation and design of water and wastewater chemical/biological treatment processes. Previously, he worked at Xylem Water Solutions, where he gained extensive experience in drinking water treatment, wastewater tertiary treatment, denitrification, biological active filtration, ozone-enhanced biofiltration, and dissolved air flotation. Presently, he is working at Evoqua Water Technologies as a Senior Applications Engineer for integrated industrial solutions for water and wastewater treatment. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Shanghai Jiaotong University in Shanghai, China, and masters and doctoral degrees from the University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.

Ivan Zhu

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Wastewater treatment and sludge disposal are important for protecting receiving rivers, lakes, and other water bodies, and vital for human health. Since excessive discharge may cause eutrophication and deterioration of aquatic systems, the US EPA and other national agencies have set guidelines for wastewater discharge standards. Conventional technologies are well developed and widely applied worldwide for wastewater treatment; however, new ideas and new technologies are gaining additional interest for the sake of water and energy reuse. While water is essential in arid regions, wastewater reuse and recycling have been playing an important role in human life. Although there are no universal standards for industrial and agriculture reuse, balancing wastewater treatment and public health protection presents challenges and opportunities.

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