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1. Dental Implant Surface Enhancement and Osseointegration

By S.Anil, P.S. Anand, H. Alghamdi and J.A. Jansen

Part of book: Implant Dentistry

2. Epidemiology of Dental Caries in the World

By Rafael da Silveira Moreira

Part of book: Oral Health Care

3. Osseointegration and Bioscience of Implant Surfaces - Current Concepts at Bone-Implant Interface

By Mustafa Ramazanoglu and Yoshiki Oshida

Part of book: Implant Dentistry


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Chapter title
1. Foreword

By Fotinos S. Panagakos

Part of book: Diagnosis and Management of Oral Lesions and Conditions

2. Probiotics and Oral Health

By Harini Priya Vishnu

Part of book: Oral Health Care

3. Towards Oral Health Promotion

By José Roberto de Magalhães Bastos, Magali de Lourdes Caldana, Luis Marcelo Aranha Camargo, Ariadnes Nobrega Oliveira, Ricardo Pianta Rodrigues da Silva, Angela Xavier, Fábio Silva de Carvalho and Roosevelt da Silva Bastos

Part of book: Oral Health Care

4. The Influence of Smoking on Dental and Periodontal Status

By Jindra Smejkalova, Vimal Jacob, Lenka Hodacova, Zdenek Fiala, Radovan Slezak and Sajith Vellappally

Part of book: Oral Health Care

5. Relationship Between Chewing and Swallowing Functions and Health-Related Quality of Life

By Hiroko Miura, Shuichi Hara, Kiyoko Yamasaki and Yoshie Usui

Part of book: Oral Health Care

6. Improvement of Patient’s Satisfaction and Oral Health-Related Quality of Life by the Implant and Prosthodontic Treatment

By Nikola Petricevic, Asja Celebic and Ksenija Rener-Sitar

Part of book: Oral Health Care

7. Association Between Tooth Loss and Cancer Mortality in Elderly Individuals

By Toshihiro Ansai and Yutaka Takata

Part of book: Oral Health Care

8. Research and Clinical Applications of Facial Analysis in Dentistry

By Barbara de Lima Lucas, Roberto Bernardino Júnior, Luiz Carlos Gonçalves, Maria Beatriz Duarte Gavião and Vanderlei Luiz Gomes

Part of book: Oral Health Care

9. Relationship Between Oral Malodor and Oral Microbiota

By Nao Suzuki, Masahiro Yoneda and Takao Hirofuji

Part of book: Oral Health Care

10. Use of Polyols in Oral Biology Research

By Kauko K. Mäkinen

Part of book: Oral Health Care

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