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1. Dental Implant Surface Enhancement and Osseointegration

By S.Anil, P.S. Anand, H. Alghamdi and J.A. Jansen

Part of book: Implant Dentistry

2. Osseointegration and Bioscience of Implant Surfaces - Current Concepts at Bone-Implant Interface

By Mustafa Ramazanoglu and Yoshiki Oshida

Part of book: Implant Dentistry

3. Titanium: A New Allergen

By Laurence Evrard

Part of book: Implant Dentistry


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1. Evidence-Based Control of Oral Malodor

By Nao Suzuki, Masahiro Yoneda and Takao Hirofuji

Part of book: Emerging Trends in Oral Health Sciences and Dentistry

2. Classical and Modern Methods in Caries Epidemiology

By M. Larmas, H. Vähänikkilä, K. Leskinen and J. Päkkilä

Part of book: Oral Health Care

3. Inhibitory Effects of the Phytochemicals Partially Hydrolyzed Alginate, Leaf Extracts of Morus alba and Salacia Extracts on Dental Caries

By Tsuneyuki Oku, Michiru Hashiguchi and Sadako Nakamura

Part of book: Contemporary Approach to Dental Caries

4. Biodegradation of Injectable Calcium Phosphate Bone Cements: A Dental Perspective

By Volkan Arısan

Part of book: Dental Implantology and Biomaterial

5. Introductory Chapter : Dental Implantology, The Challenging Scenarios between Training, Resources, and Patients’ Demands

By Mazen Almasri

Part of book: Dental Implantology and Biomaterial

6. External Apical Root Resorption in Patients Treated with Passive Self-Ligating System

By Masaru Yamaguchi and Yasuhiro Tanimoto

Part of book: Principles in Contemporary Orthodontics

7. How to Diagnose Hidden Caries? The Role of Laser Fluorescence

By Camilo Abalos, Amparo Jiménez-Planas, Elena Guerrero, Manuela Herrera and Rafael Llamas

Part of book: Contemporary Approach to Dental Caries

8. Caries Incidence in School Children Included in a Caries Preventive Program: A Longitudinal Study

By Laura Emma Rodríguez-Vilchis, Rosalía Contreras-Bulnes, Felipe González-Solano, Judith Arjona-Serrano, María del Rocío Soto-Mendieta and Blanca Silvia González-López

Part of book: Contemporary Approach to Dental Caries

9. Computer Aided Techniques Developed for Diagnosis and Treatment Planning in Implantology

By Elnaz Moslehifard

Part of book: Implant Dentistry

10. Prevalence of Malocclusion in Brazil and Associated Factors Among Adolescents 15-19 Years Old

By Rafael da Silveira Moreira, Mônica Regina Barros de Moura and Edyellem Virginia Cavalcante Mangueira

Part of book: Issues in Contemporary Orthodontics