Lavinia Cosmina Ardelean

Victor Babeș University of Medicine and Pharmacy Timișoara

Professor Lavinia Cosmina Ardelean, DMD, Ph.D., is a professor and head of the Department of Technology of Materials and Devices in Dental Medicine, “Victor Babes” University of Medicine and Pharmacy, Timisoara, Romania. She has authored/co-authored 17 books, 14 book chapters, and more than 120 peer-reviewed papers. She is an editorial board member of numerous journals and a member of reviewer/topic boards of Materials; Prosthesis; Metals; Coatings; Polymers; and the Journal of Functional Biomaterials. She has guest-edited ten special issues in different journals and five books. She is currently involved in one ongoing book editing project. With more than 270 reviews to her credit to date, Dr. Ardelean was awarded two Top Peer Reviewer Awards in 2019. She currently holds two patents. Her research interests include most areas of dentistry, with a focus on dental materials/biomaterials, dental alloys, resins, ceramics/bioceramics, CAD/CAM milling, 3D printing/bioprinting in dentistry, welding, scanning, prosthodontics, and oral health care.

Lavinia Cosmina Ardelean

2books edited

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This book provides a comprehensive overview of oral health. It includes twenty-one chapters that address such topics as dental anatomy and morphology, smile design, oral health, prosthetics and implantology, orthodontics, dental materials, use of artificial intelligence in dentistry, and regenerative medicine.

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