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Dr. Ana Gil de Bona obtained her PhD in Molecular Biology and Microbiology from Complutense University of Madrid, Spain. Her research mainly focused on the study of the proteomic profile of the extracellular vesicles and the secretome in virulent and avirulent strains of Candida albicans. She continued her scientific career in the University of Massachusetts Medical School, USA, working in yeast genetics and proteomics. Her current research at the Forsyth Institute, USA, affiliated with Harvard School of Dental Medicine, is focused on understanding the changes in tooth enamel in healthy and defective teeth to find better diagnostics tools and treatment approaches. She has authored peer-reviewed research articles, reviews and has presented her work to national and international scientific meetings.

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Extracellular vesicle is a wide term that involves many different types of vesicles. Almost all the cell types studied secrete vesicles to the extracellular environment related to cell - cell communication. Extracellular vesicles have been found in different biological fluids, such as blood, milk, saliva, tears, urine, and cerebrospinal fluid. These vesicles transport different molecules, including mRNA, proteins, and lipids, some of them cell type specific that make them ideal biomarkers in both health and disease conditions. However, their contribution to different conditions is not well understood. The aim of this book is to provide an overview of the extracellular vesicles in the human body, how they are internalized, and their participation in several diseases.

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