Aneesa Moolla

University of the Witwatersrand

Dr. Aneesa Moolla began her varied professional career with a Dental Hygienist qualification. She has extensive clinical and academic experience in the field of oral health care having previously worked both in private practice and with the Red Cross Flying Doctor Association to deliver dental care to children in remote rural areas, as well as currently as a lecturer and clinical supervisor at the University of Witwatersrand, South Africa. She also holds a Clinical Psychology degree and a Ph.D. in Psychology of Education with her research work being focused on resilience in street children. In her professional work capacity, this research has broadened out into the fields of early childhood development, HIV prevention, treatment, and care. Dr. Moolla has worked across all sectors and has gained a diverse set of expert skills in oral health, health systems strengthening, academics, research, and clinical research trials. She has also participated successfully in the UNESCO International Bioethics Teachers Training Course. She currently also works in health economics where she is a principal researcher and is regularly invited to lecture at various conferences and seminars as part of the continuing professional development of healthcare professionals.