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1. Energetic Charged Particles in the Heliosphere from 1-120 AU Measured by the Voyager Spacecraft

By W.R. Webber

Part of book: Astrophysics

2. A Microscopic Equation of State for Neutron-Rich Matter and Its Effect on Neutron Star Properties

By Francesca Sammarruca

Part of book: Astrophysics

3. Asteroseismology of Vibration Powered Neutron Stars

By Sergey Bastrukov, Renxin Xu, Junwei Yu, Irina Molodtsova and Hsiang-Kuang Chang

Part of book: Astrophysics

4. The s-Process Nucleosynthesis in Massive Stars: Current Status and Uncertainties due to Convective Overshooting

By M. L. Pumo

Part of book: Astrophysics

5. BBN as Probe of Fundamental Physics

By L. A. Popa and A. Caramete

Part of book: Astrophysics

6. Turbulence in the Magnetosheath and the Problem of Plasma Penetration Inside the Magnetosphere

By Elizaveta E. Antonova, Maria S. Pulinets, Maria O. Riazantseva, Svetlana S. Znatkova, Igor P. Kirpichev and Marina V. Stepanova

Part of book: Exploring the Solar Wind

7. Diffuse Emission of 26Al and 60Fe in the Galaxy

By Wei Wang

Part of book: Astrophysics

8. A Comparison of Non Negative Blind Source Separation Methods for Identifying Astrophysical Ice Compounds

By Jorge Igual and Raul llinares

Part of book: Astrophysics

9. Sudden Impulses in the Magnetosphere and at Ground

By U. Villante and M. Piersanti

Part of book: Exploring the Solar Wind

10. Nuclear Excitation Processes in Astrophysical Plasmas

By G. Gosselin, P. Mohr, V. Méot and P. Morel

Part of book: Astrophysics