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Joseph John Bevelacqua, Ph.D., CHP, RRPT, is the President of Bevelacqua Resources, Richland, Washington, USA, a provider of physics-related consulting services. A theoretical nuclear physicist by training, Dr. Bevelacqua is a Certified Health Physicist, Registered Radiation Protection Technologist, and Certified Senior Reactor Operator and has over 45 years of professional experience. He was a key player in the Three Mile Island and Hanford cleanup activities, and he is an active researcher with over 185 publications and 4 textbooks. His research areas include theoretical nuclear physics, theoretical particle physics, cosmic radiation, astrophysics, planetary studies, earth science, solar physics, cancer therapy using heavy ions and microspheres, gravitation, group theory, mathematical physics, and applied health physics. Additional effort has focused on muon and tau colliders and theoretical studies of a tetraquark, pentaquark, and hexaquark systems. Studies involving quark fusion have also been published. Recent research has involved space medicine, physiological and radiological effects of manned space missions, COVID-19 treatment using low-dose radiation therapy, neutron excess nuclei formation in stellar collisions, and superheavy nuclei. He received a California University’s Professional Excellence Award for his accomplishments. Dr. Bevelacqua is a member of numerous professional organizations including the American Physical Society, American Nuclear Society, American Mathematical Association, Health Physics Society, and Royal Astronomical Society of Canada.

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Solar System Planets and Exoplanets provides a current viewpoint of planetary systems. The solar system’s planets and exoplanets are addressed in an overview manner, and specific space probe data are used to provide a current state of knowledge of Venus and Mars. Recent Mars data and associated observations are addressed in several chapters. Of particular interest are data that suggest the possibility that life could have existed on the planet’s surface during its past when Mars’ atmosphere was wetter and denser. The search for life on Mars is one of the main objectives of space missions, and it is an ongoing theme of this book. Key to the existence of life is the evolution of the radiation output of the Sun that is discussed and projected into the future. Space probe data related to the Asteroid Belt is also presented. Technological advances in terms of operating aircraft on Mars and propulsion systems provide useful commentary regarding future innovations that will enhance upcoming space missions and the search for life.

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Solar System Planets and Exoplanets Edited by Joseph Bevelacqua

Solar System Planets and Exoplanets

Edited by Joseph Bevelacqua