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Massimo Canevacci is professor of Cultural Anthropology and Arts and Digital Cultures in the Faculty of Sciences of Communication – University of Rome \La Sapienza\ - via Salaria 113, 00199 – Roma (Italia) – Now is Visiting Professor in the University of Rio de Janeiro (UERJ-Brazil). email: Some books 2011 Fake in China, Maceiò, EdUFAL 2009 Comunicação Visual, Editora Brasiliense, S.Paulo 2007a La linea di polvere,, Roma, Meltemi (translating in port. and in ingl.) 2007b Una stupita fatticità, Milano, Costa&Nolan (tr. port. “Fetichismos Visuais”, Atelier, SP) 2004 Sincretismi , Milano, Costa&Nolan Nolan (tr. in port. “Sincretismos”, Studio Nobel, S.Paulo) Fieldworks Researches, didactics, publications are focused on: visual communication – digital cultures - anthropology of performing arts – urban and indigenous ethnography – transdisciplinary theories.

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This book connects anthropology and polyphony: a composition that multiplies the researcher's glance, the style of representation, the narrative presence of subjectivities. Polyphonic anthropology is presenting a complex of bio-physical and psycho-cultural case studies. Digital culture and communication has been transforming traditional way of life, styles of writing, forms of knowledge, the way of working and connecting. Ubiquities, identities, syncretisms are key-words if a researcher wish to interpret and transform a cultural contexts. It is urgent favoring trans-disciplinarity for students, scholars, researchers, professors; any reader of this polyphonic book has to cross philosophy, anatomy, psychology, psychoanalysis, sociology, architecture, archeology, biology. I believe in an anthropological mutation inside any discipline. And I hope this book may face such a challenge.

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