Loshini Naidoo

Dr Loshini Naidoo is a senior lecturer in sociology in the School of Education at the University of Western Sydney, Australia. Her academic areas of interest include social justice education, cultural diversity and difference and transnationalism. Her current research is related to internationalization of higher education, refugee and indigenous issues particularly literacy amongst newly arrived refugees in Greater Western Sydney secondary schools and literacy needs of Aboriginal students in Tennant Creek High, Northern Territory. She was a recipient of the Vice Chancellor\'s Award for Excellence in Community Engagement. She also received a citation from the Australian Teaching Learning Council for her outstanding contribution to student learning (2009); an ALTC team winner for a program that enhances learning (2010) and an ALTC Teaching Excellence award in 2011.

Loshini Naidoo

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The chapters presented in this book draw on ethnography as a methodology in a variety of disciplines, including education, management, design, marketing, ecology and scientific contexts, illustrating the value of a qualitative approach to research design. The chapters discuss the use of traditional ethnographic methods, such as immersion, observation and interview, as well as innovative ethnographical methods which have been influenced by the new digital culture. The latter challenges notions of identity, field and traditional culture such that people are able to represent themselves in the research process rather than be represented. New approaches to ethnography also examine the use and implication of images in representation as well as critically examining the role and impact of the researcher in the process.

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