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Dr Salah Bourennane received his PhD degree from Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble, France. Currently, he is full Professor at the Ecole Centrale Marseille, France, where he is the Dean of Research. He is a head of team Multidimensional Signal Processing Group of Fresnel Institute. His research interests are in statistical signal processing, remote sensing, telecommunications, array processing, image processing, multidimensional signal processing and performances analysis. He has published several papers in high level journals.

Salah Bourennane

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The field of acoustic engineering has many various potential applications, such as in ocean science research and homeland security. This book provides cutting-edge knowledge in current techniques and technologies, such as the adaptive technique for underwater communication, array processing and the CI/OFDM system. One chapter takes inspiration from the natural world in proposing a new bio-inspired ranging approach for resolution purposes. Technologies such as high-resolution array processing methods can also be used to locate underwater objects in sediment, as one chapter shows. Finally, two contributions cover the applications of narrowband interference suppression and iterative equalization, and decoding schemes. Given the scope of the book, it will be required reading for researchers and engineers in the field.

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