Dr. Fahmina Zafar

Jamia Millia Islamia India

Dr. Fahmina Zafar is a senior researcher working at the Department of Chemistry, JMI, New Delhi, India. Dr. Zafar has received her Ph.D. (2006) and MSc (1999) degrees in Chemistry from JMI. She has worked as a PI (DST WOS A), and postdoctoral fellow (UGC Kothari Postdoctoral Fellowship) along with Scientist Pool, Research Associate, and Senior Research Fellow (CSIR) in the same Department. She has over 100 publications in peer-reviewed journals and books and has presented over 50 research papers at national and international conferences. Her research work involves the development of bio-based polymers, metallopolymers, organic-inorganic hybrids, coordination polymers, and nanocomposites for green environments in different fields including adsorption, antimicrobial, and corrosion-protective applications.

Dr. Fahmina Zafar

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Corrosion in materials is responsible for huge direct as well as indirect losses around the world. To address corrosion, a combinational approach involving molecular simulations of natural inhibitors, pre-structural designs, and the development of traditional but functional polymeric nanocomposites is recommended. This book presents the basics of corrosion from thermodynamic and kinetic points of view, discusses the major driving force behind corrosion, and provides insight into possible remediation techniques.

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