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Dr. Hong Shih, Senior Technology Director at Lam Research Corporation, received his Ph.D. in Metallurgy from the Pennsylvania State University in 1986. He was a Post Doctor and a Research Professor at University of Southern California. He holds B.S. in Chemistry from Beijing University in 1970 and M.S. in Electrochemistry from Academic Sinica in 1981. He has been working at Applied Materials (1994-2002) and at Lam Research Corporation (2002-). He has 120 publications in the referred journals and books, 160 technical consulting reports,200 semiconductor equipment specifications and best known methods, 1,300 technical reports, and 190 USA and International Patents granted/published. His pioneer work in the study of materials under high density plasma opened a new scientific and engineering field. Dr. Shih is a well-known scientist on electrochemical impedance spectroscopy, corrosion monitoring and control, electrochemical techniques and expert in plasma resistance materials, anodized aluminum, surface coatings, precision wet cleaning, defect, particle, and metal contamination reduction on plasma etching equipment served in semiconductor wafer fabrication.

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The book has covered the state-of-the-art technologies, development, and research progress of corrosion studies in a wide range of research and application fields. The authors have contributed their chapters on corrosion characterization and corrosion resistance. The applications of corrosion resistance materials will also bring great values to reader's work at different fields. In addition to traditional corrosion study, the book also contains chapters dealing with energy, fuel cell, daily life materials, corrosion study in green materials, and in semiconductor industry.

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