M Hammad Ather

Aga Khan University

Prof. M Hammad Ather is a consulting urological surgeon, and professor and head of Urology at the Aga Khan University, Karachi. He is an editorial board member of many international urological journals, and author of over 110 articles in international peer reviewed journals and 10 book chapters. He is also an adviser and reviewer for over two dozen international urological journals, and for dissertations at various universities nationally and the National University of Singapore. Dr. Ather was trained in Karachi and London, and has many fellowship attachments in Europe at Erasmus University, Rotterdam, Katholique Universiteit Leuven, and University College London. He has also served as the General secretary of Pakistan Association of Urological surgeons (PAUS). He is an international advisory board member of the EULIS (EAU) and national representative of Asia-Pacific society of uro-oncology (UAA). Currently, he is the Vice chairman of the U Merge (Urology in emerging countries). His research interests include topics related to urolithiasis, bladder, and advanced prostate cancer.

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Bladder cancer is one of the most exciting urological cancers. It exists in two forms - non-muscle-invasive (NMI) and muscle-invasive (MI) disease. The difference in the clinical picture has been the focus of significant research in defining the molecular characteristics of urothelial cancer (UC) of the bladder. This book provides an overview of the most hotly debated areas in bladder cancer. Authors have focused on the emerging role of markers for NMI UC and various ways of improving the efficacy of current chemotherapy in the first section. The second section has focused on the surgical aspects of MI UC. Two major areas of debate - the role of pelvic lymph node dissection and genital sparing surgery - are discussed in this section.

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