Wellman Ribón

Industrial University of Santander

Wellman Ribón, bacteriologist and clinical laboratory professional of the Industrial University of Santander, Master\'s degree in Biochemistry from  Universidad Javeriana; with more than fifteen years of experience as public health adviser,   Colciencias (Departamento Administrativo de Ciencia y Tecnología de Colombia) senior researcher  in scientific and technological development. He has worked at the National Health Institute of Colombia as coordinator of the mycobacteria group,  manager of research projects and member of Centro Colombiano de Excelencia de Investigación en Tuberculosis (CCITB), EurolabTB Consortium and the SLAMTB. Ribón was the Microbiology School director and is currently a professor in Medicine School and works as professor and researcher at the Industrial University of Santander,.He is also the director of the Mycobacterium Research laboratory.  Mr. Ribón has published articles about tuberculosis, leprosy and mycobacteriosis diseases, and has written four book chapters. His major area of interest and research is Mycobacterium tuberculosis complex.

Wellman Ribón

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Hansen's Disease - The Forgotten and Neglected Disease provides concise information on the relevant aspects of the disease of leprosy, including immunological, epidemiological, clinical and molecular studies that are of great importance in the study of an often-ignored disease, which remains a great challenge to humanity. It collects contributions made by professional experts in the study of Mycobacterium leprae, providing perspectives with knowledge, experience and research, highlighting that the disease continues to be of interest to public health. It is expected that this book will be useful and contribute to the expansion of information and interest about the disease commonly known as leprosy.

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