Luca Gallelli

University of Catanzaro

Luca Gallelli obtained his first honour degree in Medicine and Surgery in 1997, Ph.D in Pharmacology and Toxicology (Chemotherapy) in 2001 and Specialization in Clinical Pharmacology in 2005. He obtained a SIF (Italian Society of Pharmacology) travel grant in 2000. Since 2007 he has been teaching Pharmacology to nursing and medical students, as well as those specializing in Pharmacology, Respiratory Medicine and Forensic Medicine. Luca Gallelli has published 60 original research articles in international journals. He has also presented several papers in national and international symposia. He is a member of Italian Society of Pharmacology, and the referee for several international journal.

Luca Gallelli

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The history of pharmacology travels together to history of scientific method and the latest frontiers of pharmacology open a new world in the search of drugs. New technologies and continuing progress in the field of pharmacology has also changed radically the way of designing a new drug. In fact, modern drug discovery is based on deep knowledge of the disease and of both cellular and molecular mechanisms involved in its development. The purpose of this book was to give a new idea from the beginning of the pharmacology, starting from pharmacodynamic and reaching the new field of pharmacogenetic and ethnopharmacology.

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