Jolanta Natalia Latosińska

Adam Mickiewicz University

Dr. Jolanta Natalia Latosińska is a mathematics and physics graduate from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland. She received her PhD degree in physics and since 1998 has been working as adjunct at the Faculty of Physics, AMU. She was conferred habilitation degree in physics in 2004. Her fields of interests cover a broad spectrum of topics starting from the studies of the structure-dynamics-activity of drugs by magnetic resonance spectroscopy and quantum chemical calculations to modelling the ultraviolet radiation level using neural networks. All her studies are somehow related to ways of fighting cancer. She published more than 90 SCI journal papers, 5 chapters in monographs, 2 books and 92 conference communications. She was a reviewer of more than 60 journals and a member of the editorial board of 2 SCI-listed journals. She was an editor of two books.

2books edited

4chapters authored

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Because of its ability to reduce tiredness, sleep deprivation and improve alertness, caffeine emerged in the twenty-first century as a miraculous specific, which allows humans to cross their normal physiological and psychological body limits. Its attractiveness comes from its natural origins and strong psycho-stimulating properties, with relatively weak side effects. Caffeine studies carry the hope to understand the associations between inherited genotype and drug action and to find highly personalized treatments for various diseases, more sophisticated drug delivery systems, safer ways of protecting plants and cheap, renewable fuels. This book consists of chapters covering caffeine history, methods of its determination and not only astonishing medicinal but also non-medicinal applications. It is our hope that every reader will find in this book something interesting, inspiring, informative and stimulating.

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